Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Abundance is a strange thing.  When we talk about abundance I think most people in our society think in terms of stuff or money (which equates to stuff).  I read this in a post on Facebook this morning (from a paged called "Flowing With Change" - it's a nice page and makes me think):

"Personal sharing: I was going to write, "May today be filled with love, hope, and abundance," and then I realized that I feel glitchy writing abundance. Writing love and hope is easy - I have no conflict with love and hope. But when I write abundance, I feel uncomfortable... like it's not okay for me or any of us to be abundant. I don't want to feel this way. So I ask for deep transformation. Transformation that opens me to an abundant flow of receiving and giving - to be like the Universe - to be an abundant flow. Change often begins with awareness. So... May today be filled with hope, love, awareness, and change... and abundance."

My comment to the post was this:

"Abundant love, abundant energy, abundant grace. Maybe not abundant crap, though."

In no way was this assuming that this author was seeing abundance this way - it was just what I got out of it - no comment on her AT ALL.  It just made me think.

If we could all start to think of ourselves as having all the "stuff "we need and start thinking of abundance in the terms of love, friendship, energy, knowledge, grace, and intuition, think of the world we'd live in.

I still struggle with letting go of "stuff" - mostly old stuff that used to belong to other members of my family - or me when I was young.  I struggle with losing touch with those people - and my younger self, I suppose.  But I struggle far less these days with wanting things from a store.  Oh sure, I want some things, but these days I have most of the things I need and desire far less than I used to.  It's very freeing. 

So let's all focus on abundance in a different way.  We will all, I promise you, enjoy life far more by seeing the abundance that is free and available rather than that which has a price tag.

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