Friday, December 28, 2012

Joie de Vivre

I wrote a few posts back about my Dad and the slides he took while I was growing up.

I've been scanning the slides in a project I took on 6 years ago - when we moved and bought our first house.  I've been doing the project when I had time over those years.  Like so many projects I've taken on over the years, I need to get it wrapped up, but it's been a really great experience.

You might think that it was just a revisiting of  pictures.  And it certainly is that.  But it's also memories.  Remembering things that I hadn't thought about in years.  And, most importantly, remembering who I am. 

As a child I was incredibly happy.  Happy to be alive.  I rejoiced in life.  I remember very clearly feeling that I loved life - even the bad things were good in their own way.  Being an adult can dull the feelings of childhood - one becomes jaded and things can certainly change.  When I first started scanning the slides I remember seeing all the frowns and the sad faces.  Going through them now I'm seeing the smiles and the good times.  That shows me how much I've grown into myself in the last 6 years.  And I'm certainly grateful for that. 

This is somewhat narcissistic, but here are some of the photos of me that have made me want to focus on that Joie de Vivre that I radiated as a child (it's still there, I just have to remember it more):

Mmmm ... toast.  On Melmac plates.  We were camping.

With my Mom.

With my stove - and my Grandpa.

This is my sister!

That's my Grandma behind me.

Smiling even when I had the mumps.

Or was bleary-eyed in the morning (sister maybe less of a morning person).

My Mom was a cool 70s chick.

Oooh - little bit of evil there.

Hmm ... was I wearing anything under that gown??

 If only Lego could make me that happy now.

There are lots more, but I think that's probably enough.  For now at least. 
Hmmm ... maybe I just mugged for the camera!

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