Sunday, January 13, 2013

The American Divide

Have you seen this from the Wall Street Journal?

How Much Will Your Taxes Jump

I think I understand the American financial problem now.  The smallish group of people with the highest incomes think that $180,000 per year of retirement income is poverty level.  At least they seem to think that when you look at the faces on the poor people in this graphic. 

Honestly, I didn't read the whole article from which this is taken, but I skimmed through it and it seems to be just a straight-forward explanation of how taxes will go up for the wealthy.  And I can see where a $21,608 increase in your taxes could hurt a bit - but let's face it, someone who makes $650,000 is not going to starve with that kind of increase.  It does feel a little like a spoiled teenager having a hissy fit because they can't get a new car for their birthday this year, they are going to have to put up with last year's new one.

Let's get real.  Perhaps whoever drew or published this graphic should go see households who survive on less than $20,000 per year and see how the other half lives. 

The divide is created when people at the top of the economy don't have a clue how people at the bottom are struggling.  This was clearly highlighted when Mitt Romney just said that if kids wanted to go to University, their parents should just pay for it.  Heck, let's have a reminder of that: 

It's a great big economic divide - with very little compassion or understanding from the top down (when the presidential candidate is so out of touch, and is supported by so many, you have to know that this is a huge problem).  And (rightfully, I think) none from the bottom up.  Hard for someone struggling to feed their kids and keep their home to feel sorry for the $650,000 per year household having to pay more taxes than what the poor family earns in a year.

And let's face it, a graphic like this is only meant to incite the wrath of the people who are being affected by the tax increase.  Thus perpetuating or increasing the divide.

So suck it up, unhappy, downtrodden, rich folks whose children look like they could have been pulled out of a Graphic Novel version of Oliver Twist.  You aren't poor!  You just have to pay more taxes.  Take one less vacation this year - or go to a different resort a little closer to home.  Get real, would you? 

As for the Wall Street Journal - my perception of you just changed.  Can't say I've ever read it, but now I feel that understand what it's all about a little better.

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