Friday, February 1, 2013

Anemia and Weight Loss

About 3 weeks ago I blogged about how I was so tired and weak and thought that maybe I was anemic.  I mentioned then that it would 3 1/2 weeks until I got to see my doctor. 

I simply couldn't wait a month to feel better, so I went to the pharmacy and got some iron supplements.  After about 2 weeks I started to feel significantly better.  I had headaches come on that would not go away with a Tylenol, but that DID go away with iron pills.  I was able to do 80 minutes a day on the exercise bike instead of 10 (due mostly to the increased energy, but also to that addictive damned show Downton Abbey that I was watching while I exercised!).

In short, I feel about 100 times better than I did a month ago.

I went to the doctor this morning and we looked at my blood levels from September - the last time I had blood work done - and sure enough, my numbers then were low - not technically anemic, but on the rather low end.  With trying to lose weight, I probably pushed my body over the edge and under levels that I my body is okay with.  So, yes, I was right .... I was anemic.  First time that I know of, but at my age it is apparently not all that uncommon. 

She's fine with me being on the iron for three months and then seeing where I'm at.  So all is good.

During the past 3 weeks, though, I haven't been consciously dieting or trying to lose weight (hence, few posts on the subject).  Here's the thing - I was so drained I really wasn't exercising much for the first week or so.  Being that drained, my body wanted to eat all the time.  And the iron pills hurt my stomach, making me want to eat to buffer the effect.  So I've been hovering between 141 and 142.5.

But this morning, I felt rather svelte and so decided to step onto the scale and I was pleasantly surprised to find myself at 139.8!!  Woo hoo. 

Baby steps.  But 7 pounds lost since September is better than 7 pounds gained.  And the doctor said that 7 pounds on my frame will help with things like cholesterol levels and such.  So now I need to get to the place where I range between 137 and 139 and then to stay there.

Okay, so that's the continuing story of the weight saga. 

Carry on.


  1. Hey Sandi,

    I can't usually stomach Iron Pills either but my doctor told me to take the Floradix from the health food store. It is liquid and tastes not too bad. He said it is the best supplement out there. He was right. You can also get it in Gluten Free. It doesn't hurt my stomach or cause constipation.

    I had started getting migraines last year and was completely exhausted. Zero Iron stores left and on my way to enemia. It took only a few days on Floradix to feel a total turn around. Now I take it sporadically but as soon as I am out of sorts I know it is my iron. Darned perimenopause!!!

  2. Hi Sandi,

    I'm glad i found your blog (through LuSa Organics). I'm familiar with depresssion and anxiety too. You are not alone Sandi, hugs for you.


  3. Hi Farhana - welcome. Glad you found the blog. Love LuSa Organics!

  4. good blog :) here's more info on anemia if required

  5. thanks ! i like it <3


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