Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bell Let's Talk Day

Here in Canada, we have a communications company called "Bell".  Today they are doing a fundraiser and awareness campaign for mental health called the Bell Let's Talk Day.  All day on CTV and other Bell affiliates, they will be discussing depression and mental health.  I think it's a great initiative and a corporate program I can get behind.

As you all know by now, in one form or another I have been dealing with depression my entire life - with family members and myself - and as an adult, with friends as well.  I'm sure lots of you have similar stories - actually, I KNOW lots of you have similar stories.  I am not unique, I am not alone.  Check out my posts labelled "depression" - I wrote a few a couple of years ago that I am quite proud of.

I encourage you all to talk about mental illness and mood disorders.  The ONLY way to end a stigma is to educate - and we start that by talking.  Being silent about your issues only makes them worse for you.  And by not sharing it perpetuates the stigma that makes people feel weak or inadequate when they have issues.  I know a lot of people who hide from what they are.  It's no way to live.

I also encourage Bell customers to text today as $0.05 per text goes to mental health initiatives in Canada.  And apparently they will donate the same amount for every Tweet on Twitter that incorporates the hash-tag #BellLetsTalk.  Even our Prime Minister is encouraging people to tweet today (I rarely have great things to say about him, so it's nice to get behind him on something!).

So, as Bell says, "Let's Talk, Canada!" (and everybody else).

And let's all remember to be kind to each other - after all, you never know what the other person is dealing with.

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  1. Hi Sandi,

    I like how you contextualized the campaign for non-Canadian readers. I think this is a very important read for readers all around the world. This campaign seems to really be improving awareness and the campaign is a good example of how/when cause marketing can really help a cause. I think so many times it fails causes. Many probably doubt that any cause marketing campaign can help.



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