Thursday, March 28, 2013

Anxiety and Depression - living with it and working on it

This blog post was shared on Facebook today - if you have "liked" me or any of my pages, you may have already seen it.  It's really worth reading:

I have to say that the more I write about my depression and anxiety (and I really do think it is the anxiety that is worse than the depression), the more I seem to understand it and the less damaging it seems to be.  I am infinitely better than I was a few years ago.  Maybe it's mellowing with age, but I prefer to look at it as working through my underlying issues and understanding myself better.

In any case, it think it is important that we all talk about it.  Not to feel sorry for ourselves or to get sympathy - but just to understand that there are lots of other people out there who are going through the same things ... or worse ... or better. 

A really good question to ask is:  can you really compare my illness to yours?  Am I better off because I've never been hospitalized, or worse off because I've been dealing with it for decades and the hospitalized person has only had it for a few months?

It doesn't matter.  We each have our own illness and our own way of dealing with it.  It is OURS and it comes from different sources.  Understanding the source, accepting the illness and working through our issues all helps to make it easier to deal with.  And a lot of times drugs help. 

No one can judge your illness.  Not someone who also has the same issues, and certainly not someone who has never experienced it.  If you need drugs ... take them!  If you need God ... pray to him.  If you need a hospital ... go there.  It is no one else's call.  Yours alone. 

But if you need support, and you want people to understand, talk about it.  Not for sympathy, someone feeling sorry for you doesn't help at all, but someone understanding you does.  It helps a lot.

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