Thursday, April 11, 2013


A posting on Facebook the other day got me to thinking.  I was trying to find the meme again, but I apparently, and surprisingly, did not share it. 

Let me see if I can recreate the impression it left me with: 

It is time, for me in this life, to choose what I want to concern myself with.  To refuse to interact with those negative forces that come into my life and to focus only on the higher good that comes into my life.  I am finished concerning myself with things that are less than important.  I am finished concerning myself with things that cause me anger or sadness.  I want to concentrate only on those things that bring happiness and good energies into my life.

The actual saying was something like:  "choose carefully what you dedicate your time to" - It turned into something much bigger for me.

The message came loud and clear to me yesterday when I got a very snarky letter in the mail in response to a request to our lawyer.  Nothing he didn't have a right to say, but the negative energy pouring from the letter was like poison.  I let it in, and then I let it out.  And now I want nothing more to do with him or his office or the lawsuit that was finalized over a year ago.  We still need him to issue us money 4 times per year, but I don't want to enter his office, see him on the street or talk to him.  This lawsuit has caused absolutely nothing but grief from the beginning and although we now get some money out of it, I'm not entirely sure it was worth it. 

There are things in life that just feel wrong from the beginning.  This issue was one of them.  And an exaggerated sense of anxiety and stress came upon me every time we got a letter from our lawyer and had some new thing to deal with.  It's been poison right from the beginning.  I hated the entire process and never want to be put into such a position again. 

Instead, I want to follow the light, the good, the positive. 

I'm working on it.  I do most things on instinct.  The more I do that, the better off I am and the happier I tend to be. 

So ... carrying on in that path.  Go forth and follow the light.

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