Friday, May 31, 2013

Environmental Solution

It just struck me.  The ONLY solution to CO2 emissions and the advance of global warming is not a pretty one.

Let's face it, ALL of us (even the rather environmentally-minded of us) will continue to consume (even the ones who are semi-conscious of what we are consuming).  We will continue to consume as long as we are able.  Because that's who we are.  We are not driven by the need to conserve, we have been taught to consume, and that's what we do.  Does that sound hopeless?  Perhaps.

But here's the nasty solution to it:  Poverty.  Economic collapse.  That is pretty much the only way to get people en masse, especially in the western world, to slow down their absurd consumption.

I read something this morning that said that for people to continue living in anything close to the conditions we currently enjoy, we'll have to keep CO2 emissions to under 350 ppm.  Well, we hit 400 ppm this year quite recently.  Only the uber-concerned heard about it.  The "news" didn't report it.  Because the "news" is based on ratings and the environment doesn't raise them.

What people don't realize is that with global warming continuing like it is, life is going to change drastically.  Not just for people living near the ocean with rising sea levels.  But for EVERYONE.  We are so complacent.  So stuck in our ways.  So used to being taken care of (really, if you don't get that sentence, you probably will never understand any of this - we are COMPLETELY taken care of - our government and economic structure takes care of all of our needs.  All we do is earn money to pay for their services - think about it.  What happens if there's no food at the grocery store?  If the transportation system can no longer get food to your area?  What then?  What happens if the Hospital has no supplies?  - we have put our entire lives into the hands of our government.  Think about that).  Life will not ever be as good as it is right now.  And because we are complacent and enjoying it, we won't make our lives a little less comfortable for the future.  Not because we're assholes, but because we're human.  And, in reality, it's the wealthy humans who are probably causing the most trouble.  I am one of them.  And I am human.  And I am aware, but I also do not do everything I could to solve the problem.  Not even close.

The same pattern can be seen over and over again in human history.  But never before have we had 7 billion people on the planet so inter-connected.  Before we've seen cultural/economic/environmental collapse on smaller scales - a country, an island, a small continent.  But not globally.  We really are in trouble.  And simply by writing this post I might be pissing off readers .... because we really don't want to face it.  The human race, as a whole, is in denial.

Fortunately, there are groups out there fighting the fight.  I share information, but in reality, I don't walk the walk.  I should do far more than I do.  But I'm not forced to.  So I don't.  That's the truth of it.  And I do more than most people I know.

In actuality, it is indeed a very "interesting" time to be living in.  The ancient Chinese curse is upon us ("may you live in interesting times").

If you want to know where the CO2 is coming from, read this article - it is worth noting.

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