Friday, June 21, 2013

Southern Alberta Flooding

For those of you who live elsewhere and are not aware of what's going on in Alberta right now, here's a very brief and certainly not complete summary.

Most areas of Southeastern Alberta that are anywhere near a creek or river are either under a flood watch or warning, or they are currently under water.

Calgary, Alberta's largest city, has a large portion of it's downtown under river water.  The Bow River, normally a gently flowing river that adds a great deal of beauty to the city, is now a danger.  The downtown is essentially shut down, the zoo is being evacuated, there are over 2 dozen neighbourhoods in the city under evacuation.  Thousands of people are either staying with friends and family or have gone to shelters.

The Calgary Stampede grounds are flooded out.  No animals were there yet, but the Stampede is supposed to start on July 5.  Wonder if they'll be able to get things cleaned up and running by then?

High River (wonder why it's called that!) is at least partially evacuated, but the water is receding.  Turner Valley has been evacuated, more because of a sour gas leak than the flooding, but it's all tied together.  Sparwood, in Southeastern BC, has had over 100 mm of rain and apparently the road is washed out.

Pretty much all roadways from the Calgary area west to BC are closed.  There is no way right now to get from Calgary to Banff by road - unless you want to drive way north or south and then pick your way back (8 to 10 hours out of your way).

There are some amazing photos coming across on Facebook today.  Some of them can be found here.  There are lots of other ones.

A man and his very wet cat swim to safety in High River.

This video is from Canmore - about an hour west of Calgary:

I'd like to post pictures right to this page, but I seem to be having some trouble with that.

Just Google "Calgary floods June 2013".

Anyhow, hearts and prayers go out to everyone who is having to deal with any of this, and big thanks to all the emergency workers out there.  It's been a long night, and I hope everyone is able to get some sleep.

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