Friday, July 26, 2013

The Last Best Cure

I'm reading a book.   I'm about half way through it and it's a really good book.

It's written by Donna Jackson Nakazawa, a science journalist who has lived with a couple of debilitating diseases.  She had been reading a lot of articles about brain science and wondered if some of the stuff she was reading about might help her with her health.

It's a REALLY interesting book.  And it goes (in layman's terms) into the links between childhood trauma, brain science and health problems.

I got it from the library, but it would be worth the purchase price:

She also talks about how negative thinking can affect the physical body.  And a lot of other things.

Anyone who is dealing with health problems (psychological or physical), who has a loved one who is dealing with such things, who had a difficult childhood, or who is just plain interested in the connections between body and brain should read this book.

If you want.

'Cause it's making me think.

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