Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Streetcat Bob

For those of you who like to hear about a good read, here's another one.

"A Streetcat Named Bob" is a really easy, quick read that lets you into the life of an recovering addict.  

James Bowen was living in subsidized housing when a stray cat showed up on his doorstep.  The cat attached himself to James and hasn't left his side (well not for long) since.

But the story of James and Bob is not the only thing I got out of James' book.  What struck me, as someone who deals with anxiety on a fairly regular basis, was the anxiety that James felt over his cat - the soul who is his best friend and companion.  I recognized some of myself in James and realized that we are not all so different as we may seem.

I would recommend buying the book if you would like to support James, or getting it from the library if you would like to save a few dollars and feel environmentally more responsible (hard call there).

Interestingly, in this short little documentary, James mentions that if a cat can show so much compassion to a person in need, why can't people show that kind of compassion when they see the homeless.  I know that I feel overwhelmed by the homeless.  I think because there are so many.  And those people inevitably come with a lot of emotional baggage.  There is such a need and it is so hard to fill.  But we should all remember to support those agencies that do so much for people in need.  Don't forget the food bank, the Salvation Army, and the SPCA!

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