Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rob Ford and Crack

Let's see if I can put the right words to this.  First off, I don't know Rob Ford.  I don't live in Toronto.  I have no opinion on who he is as a person, and I have no opinion on what kind of job he has done as mayor.  My opinions here are based on what seems pretty common-sensical, and are the same opinions I would have of anyone exhibiting the traits he has been lately.

I feel sorry for Rob Ford.  He's got a problem.  And he shouldn't be punished for his problem - no more than anyone else should be.  He should seek help.  If he is addicted (which, let's just face it, he's GOT to be addicted to food, if nothing else), then he needs to get the support he requires to manage his addictive behaviours.

So, I have compassion for him.  I feel for anyone who has lost control of any part of their lives.  And he certainly has.

But, that doesn't mean that he should not resign his position as mayor.   In a position such as mayor, you are required to always be on call - if there is an emergency or a disaster of some type, you need to be in charge.  If you're drunk or high on crack, that is not going to happen.

If you choose to run for office, there is a responsibility that comes with that.  The people who elected you put their trust in the fact that you will be at your best to do the job that you promised to do.  Yes, mayors are people, too, but if you have an addiction, especially to a mind-altering drug, then you probably shouldn't run for office.  Find a job where you can put a little more time into fixing yourself and where you do not have to be on call at all hours.

Adding the pressures of running the largest city in Canada to your daily routine will do nothing to help any addiction - it will only make it worse.  So instead of being the workaholic, food-addicted, alcohol and drug addicted person that he seems to be, I would suggest that Rob Ford resign his position, be honest with himself and his family (if not the nation), get himself into rehab and counselling, and start to fix himself.

If he does that, he might, someday, make a good public servant.  But right now he really isn't.

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