Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Art reflecting reality

You know what?  There is still a small voice inside my head that denies my issues with anxiety and depression.  I've been dealing with it for 20 years and that little voice still speaks up and creeps in.  It's wrong, but I want to believe it.  There are moments when I believe it.  And others where I just get mad and tell it it's really, really wrong.

Someone posted this link on Facebook, and this is good.  I haven't felt as bad as many of these comics in a really long time, but they are pointed and real.


If you know someone with depression, here's a tip:  NEVER tell them that they just need to cheer up.  If they could, they would.  They can't.

One more thing - I remember really clearly when I was in Elementary School asking a friend of mine if she ever had days when it felt like everyone hated her.  She was shocked and told me "no!"  I was shocked and embarrassed, and never mentioned it again.

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