Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year

As I wake and get moving on this January 1 of 2014, I can't help but reflect and look forward at the same time.  There is one thing that strikes me hardest, though, and it is a big part of the human experience …... as I get older, indeed time seems to go by faster.

I am 45.  If I live a long life, I am half way through it.  But the years go by so much faster than they used to.  So the last half of my life, that part to which I look forward, will go by more swiftly than the part I reflect upon.

It is very hard not to be at least a little romantic on this day.  It is full of hope.   Like a blank page waiting for words, 2014 awaits the creation that will give it birth.  I hope everyone who reads this is headed into a year of love, laughter, sweetness and joy, and that you have all you need this coming year.  I know most will also feel grief, loss, and other less pleasant emotions, but I hope the balance is much more toward the positive.

I am ever so grateful for this space to share my thoughts and ideas.  Thank you for continuing to be here with me, even when the page is blank for a while.  Everyone wants to be heard, and you help fulfill that in my by sharing this space.

With love ...


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    1. Thank you, my dear - and I hope the new year brings some peace to you.


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