Monday, January 13, 2014

Small, ignorant minds!

I don't get mad very often.  And when I do it usually goes away pretty quickly.  But this ignorant, small-minded woman made me mad today.  At the grocery store.  Why do I have to get into it with the damned check-out woman at the grocery store?

She told me that there was no such thing as global warming because of the cold weather.  It was only those scientists who were making all that big money supporting the theory of global warming.

I of course pointed out to her that the oil companies have a little more money than those horrible scientists, and I didn't really fight with her, but she did piss me off.  I'll try to avoid her now.  She has never been particularly pleasant, but now I just don't like her ...

Do we really have to go over the facts?  Do we really have to beat people over the head to understand that global warming IS happening.  Things ARE changing and we need to change our system?

I think the thing she implied that pissed me off the most was that people who believe in global warming shouldn't be contributing to the oil economy.  Okay, well, unless you go live in a hut on the beach in a relatively benign climate (which maybe doesn't exist anymore), then you kind of have to live in the oil economy.  It's a cop out on her part - it's just a way of saying "I can continue living my life just the way I always have because everyone else is - even the climate change supporters who still drive their cars and heat their houses with natural gas.  Well, honey, that's the system we live in.  One individual's purchasing choices will make not a rat's ass difference in the whole scheme of things.  We need to change the system!  I personally do what I can (never feel it's enough) and drive a Prius, recycle, etc., but it isn't making very much of a difference.

I get so very frustrated when I see what is going on in the world.  I see the tragedies that are happening world wide - the climate issues that are arising that haven't arisen before - in frequencies not before seen - but then am told I am wrong, that 99% of the scientists are wrong, because it was cold out there, and a scientific crew got stuck in the Antarctic ice.

Perhaps she'd like to talk to the Inuit in Labrador.  Apparently the Global Warming issue is rather hard on them.  Well, it's going to be really hard on all of us.

Please, someone remind me that I'm not the only one out there who is concerned …

From a voice in the wilderness.

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