Tuesday, March 25, 2014

In the Middle

I wonder if I can put into words this concept that I'm trying to understand.

We are in the middle.  Somewhere between the infinitely huge (and not even remotely understood) universe, and the infinitesimally small (and not even remotely understood) sub-atomic world.  We are absolutely tiny when we consider our impact on the world, but huge when we consider our impact on our children.  Tiny compared to the stars, so big that a bacterium couldn't conceive of what we are - if they conceive at all.  We are less than dust compared to the planets - we are the universe to our cells.  We are in the middle.  Experiencing this universe from a very specific point in time and space.

Why are we in the middle?  Why don't we see the whole picture?  Why do we only see this little slice?

Because from this vantage point, we can learn.  If we could see it all, there would be nothing to learn - we would know it all (which I think is the case when one reaches enlightenment).  From our vantage point we have a certain perspective - and each individual has a slightly different one.  Most importantly, though, maybe we are in the middle because there are no ends.  (Maybe there is no end to the universe - maybe there is no end to the smallness.  As long as we keep looking further out and further in, we will keep finding more).

We are, at once, experiencing time and timelessness.  Part of everything, yet individuals.  We are spirit and flesh.  This life is a very intense learning experience for us all.

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