Monday, March 31, 2014

The environment - it doesn't look good, people!

On my Facebook page today, I challenged people to do SOMETHING.  Something small that they could continue to do every day to help with the environment.  So I should probably pledge to do the same thing.

I often leave my computer on all day.  From now on, I am going to have it on for a while in the morning and any time I am working.  Otherwise, I am going to turn it off.  I do lots of other things to help reduce my impact on the environment already - I've made changes over the years that have become habit.  But it's never too late to make a new one.  And it's never too late to remind myself to keep doing all the other ones.

Why, today of all days, did I challenge people?  Well, the IPCC (United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report on climate change came out today (see articles below).  And it's rather dire.  Well, let's face it, it's been rather dire for 40+ years now.  But nobody has listened.  Will we listen now?  I hope so.

I always thought people would have to actually see and feel the effects of climate change before changing their habits.  But we CAN see and feel the effects NOW - and people still don't seem to be changing their habits.  Here is an example of how we can see the effects in real time:

You only have to look at the news - see the mudslides, the droughts, the hurricanes, the storms, the snow, the dramatic increase in extreme weather events - to know that this is really happening.  And that we need to do something.

We need to do something because it's going to be harder to produce food - and harder to transport it - which means that food is going to cost a lot more.  Which means you'll have less money to spend on other things.  If it takes an economic argument to get you to do something - I just made it.  GO DO SOMETHING!!  And read about what is happening - because that might give you the incentive to keep doing that something.

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