Thursday, May 22, 2014


There are triggers for my anxiety - or I could say that when my anxiety wants to show it's ugly face, there are topics that it focuses on.

One is our cat.  Not knowing where our cat is can be a high anxiety situation.  Especially today.

Jack (she's a girl) has not eaten for two days.  She's been lethargic, but not particularly out of it.  Just not moving around much and hanging close to home.  Today I made sure I got some water into her (via syringe) and I bought a can of food from the vet that can also be syringed into her and she got about a teaspoon that way.

I haven't been particularly concerned about her because she has still been hanging with us and at about 2 tablespoons of food yesterday.  I haven't seen her vomiting or having runny stools or anything.  She's just not eating much.

I figure she's eaten something that has either upset her stomach or filled her up.  One of our cats growing up got a bird's head stuck in her intestine and she was fine after enzymes helped digest it.

But now I'm fretting because she has been hanging so close for 2 days and now I don't know where she has gone - I haven't seen her for a couple of hours and she won't come when I call.  I know that cats sometimes leave to go die on their own, and although there was no sign of her being THAT sick, I can't get the thought out of my head.  She's probably finally feeling better and just getting out to see the neighbourhood.

But this nasty anxiety shit is causing me to be very morbid.

Hopefully she'll come back soon.

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