Monday, June 2, 2014

Lessons, Messages, Insights

Someone the other day asked me to give insight to a tarot card reading to her.  It was a Facebook group card reading and seemed to be completely opposite to what was happening in her life.

What the card read, what's happening in her life, and how I interpreted it for her ... well, really not relevant.  But the topic is.  Here's how I approach such things:

All the knowledge you need - every single bit of it - is available to you through the Universe (your soul, God, Allah, the Goddess, Gaia, Earth Mother, life essence - it doesn't matter what word you use) it's that energy that makes you tingle when something is right - it's the voice in your head (no, not THAT voice; the sensible one - the one that gives you insight that is real and correct - that voice you may well not be able to hear through all the other chatter).  Those tingles, those bits of true insight, those moments when you just KNOW - that's God, your soul, the Universe - reminding you of what you already know.

So if you do a card reading, Shamanic journey, go to a psychic, or whatever - well those are tools to get in touch with the universe within ... the Kingdom of God (if Christian terminology works for you), the Life Force (if Christian terminology doesn't work for you), Earth Wisdom (for the Pagans out there).  You have it all available to you - but you have to start listening.

Pay attention to those times when your life force gives you the shivers - not cold shivers - the same shivers you get when listening to a powerful piece of music.  When you get those shivers, pay attention.  If there is a call to action, do it.  If there is a book in front of you, read it.  If you are listening to a song, really listen to the words.  If you get a message through your head that seems to have come from no where, well, if it feels right, follow the advice (unless some voice is telling you to harm yourself or someone else - if it's saying that, please go to the emergency room - something is terribly wrong, because God will NEVER tell you to harm yourself or someone else).

Whatever interpretation seems right to you .... well it probably is.  There is NO RIGHT WAY to do these things.  Your way IS the right way.  Trust in yourself.

And if that doesn't work, well, talk it out with someone until it makes sense to you.

Oh - and messages from your soul (God, etc.) are not usually complicated unless you make them so.  Messages are usually very easy to see or understand.  This isn't a test, it's life.

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