Monday, June 23, 2014

Tree. Sad.

We cut down a tree today.  Well, when I say "we" I mean the three tree guys who came and cut down the tree.

It was over 90 feet tall and only 30 years old.  The other half of the tree did this to our garage back in August 2009:

Snapped like a twig during a VERY bad storm that we thought had spawned tornadoes.  Since then, every time we've had a good storm, I've worried about the remaining half landing on our house in the same fashion.

We had intended on having it taken down last year, but our tree guy got busy and then had a very bad accident and, well, it just didn't happen.  (He's doing alright now, but still is not able to do most of the work - neck injury - they all thought he'd be a quadriplegic, so he's doing really well considering).

Didn't happen until today.

And now I am really very sad.  It's okay - for us, the tree had to come down - the stress of not knowing if or when the other half would land on the house was too much for me - and for my hubby as well (even though our friends and neighbours think it was unnecessary - and maybe it wouldn't have fallen on our house, but we all have limits on the worry we're willing to feel).  But I am sad to have to take down such a large member of our property family.

I may show some "after" pictures later, but right now I'm tired.  And sad (did I mention?).  

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