Monday, July 28, 2014

Feeling a bit spiritually lost.

For a while there I really felt like I was on the right path spiritually.  I felt like I had it all together.  I was eliminating (learning to ignore) my ego.  I was counselling friends about their problems and it felt like the universe was flowing through me - I mean, really, some of the advice I was giving out really felt like it came from somewhere else - not me.

But for the moment I've lost it.  I'm not feeling the flow, I'm not feeling the energy, I'm not experiencing the sinchronicities that I was.  I feel disconnected from "the Force."  Yoda ... I need help!

I know it will come back.  These things happen in waves.  Perhaps I needed a break from it.  Maybe I needed to come back to the physical and let the spiritual go for a while.  They say we have four aspects to our personalities that need to be in balance:  spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual.  I guess my spiritual needed a rest.

Things in life come in waves and circles.  They come back around - they will wash upon the shore again.

I've been tired lately, maybe there is an energy movement on the planet, in the solar system, or the universe that is putting strains on us in ways I am not aware.  I just need to be patient and go where my instincts lead.

So .... onwards.


  1. You are not alone. Talking to people and feeling it myself -- a little disconnected and unsure of what direction to take.

  2. This is going to sound really wacky, but I talked with my dead grandmother (conversations are ALWAYS brief but pointed) and I know what I'm supposed to be doing now. I was getting distracted, but know which way to go to get back on track.


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