Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Perspective - from the land of insects and gardening.

If you follow my other blog (Northern Urban Farming), you'll see that today I discovered an aphid infestation on our two cherry trees.

While squashing millions of aphids it was hard not to think of the human infestation of the Earth and how nature is going to have to get rid of us if we don't start working more with her.

We don't matter to her - actually, we are causing problems rather than being good stewards, so she's going to have to get rid of us - either by our causing the planet to warm up and changing whether we can survive, or by creating diseases and other problems.

It is in the Earth's better interest to get rid of us - like me killing millions of aphids even though I didn't really want to do it.

Just an interesting observation - we really can re-think the world and learn from whatever activity we are involved in.

Nature might have our blood on her hands, but she really isn't going to care as long as the rest of the planet survives.

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