Friday, August 1, 2014

Back on track

Okay - this is going to be a little on the "out there" end of the scale.  If you aren't into such things, please stop reading now.

Remember a few days ago I posted a blog about how I was feeling spiritually disconnected?  Well for a couple of years now I've been seeing 1:11, 111, 1111, 11:11 and such with frightening frequency.  One morning I counted 5 such encounters before lunch.  I don't mind.  They seem to come when I am thinking about something good or I'm feeling good, and when I see them I get goosebumps, which I associate with good things (aside from winter).

Well, part of my disconnectedness was that I hadn't seen my ones in a while.  Not at all.  Anyone who thinks you see these things because you are looking for them is wrong.  I was looking and they just weren't there.  I'd see 1:12, but not 1:11.

Another part of my disconnectedness was I didn't have a focus - I didn't have any paid work, I was starting to make jewellery again, I was taking photos, working on the garden, but none of it felt really right.  I had published my article about the WW1 battalion and I hadn't done any research in a while.

Well (now here's the really weird part) I had a chat with my dead grandmother the other night (yes, she and I communicate - not the way you might think - it's not a long drawn-out conversation, although I wish it could be - it's more like a lightening bolt of information from her).  Anyhow the gist of the conversation was that I needed to work on the book I've been thinking about for ages.  That's why all the postcard posts - I want the book to focus around the postcards and how they illuminate my Great-Grandparent's lives (of which I started knowing very little).

And wouldn't you know?  After spending a few hours on the project, the ones came back.  And I feel more at ease.

Now, if you don't believe in all of this stuff, I don't blame you.  If it didn't happen to me, I'd be very sceptical.  But it happens to me and it seems to work, so I'm going with it.

Anybody else follow their instincts, guides, signs, grandmothers?

Anybody have any advice on getting a book published?

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