Monday, August 31, 2015

The Weight - week two of this round

Okay.  Well.  I have done a few good things this week.

I tried to eat when I was hungry - not when it was time to eat, but when my body told me it needed food.  And smaller portions.

I stopped with the sweets.  Even with, eating chocolate and grilled cheese sandwiches is not a way to lose weight.  So I cut out the chocolate, ice cream ... anything that we would consider dessert or candy.  See, before, I figured that I could eat a little bit of this stuff and still lose weight as long as I kept my numbers in balance (calories in, calories out), but the truth is that once I had some, I would have  a little more.  My cravings would then cause me to eat a lot more of it.   And, surprise!  I suddenly was eating almost as many calories in sweets as other things.

So for me ... cold turkey.  The only way I can manage.  I haven't cut sugar out altogether.  I'll still eat instant oatmeal - and yogurt - and sauces with sugar.  But no sugary drinks, no chocolate, no pop, no ice cream (etc.).

Oddly enough (even though I preach this a lot to people I still don't realize it until I do again) my mood has been much more balanced without the sugar.  Funny that.  The wild swings I was having have gone away.

And last night, for the first time in a really long time, I slept without any drugs.  I slept from 11 until 7 with only one wake up and I didn't have to read or watch TV or anything to get back to sleep.  I was awake for maybe 10 minutes (not 2 hours).  Huzzah!  I'm not presuming that this will continue, but it was really, really nice.

Now, last week I said I was 149 pounds.  Really, I've seen the scale up as high as 151 in the past couple of weeks.  This morning I was under 145.  I'm not saying I lost 4 pounds this week - I'm sure I didn't, but there is a natural up and down of about 4 pounds and I'm at the lower end of it (with some weight lost, I'm sure).  So I'm very happy about this.

Normally, I would give myself permission to eat more sweets.  Not happening this time.  I might allow myself a little more food at a meal, but no desserts!!

So, yay!  Like most weight loss endeavours, mine has started off well.  Let's hope I can continue.  I did have one hell of a craving for sweets yesterday, but I managed to not give in.

For me, having one rule (no sweets) is a lot easier than trying to balance a bunch of different things.  Just the way my brain works - less to remember.

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