Friday, November 11, 2016

Changing my View

Last night I vented.  I blogged out my anger and fear.  And then this landed on my Facebook feed (watch it, it's not that long and really listen to his words) - sorry tried to embed it by got something else, so check out the link:

I know a LOT of people find Russell Brand hard to take.  But just listen to him.  He is the wisest flawed human being I have heard lately.  

And this came into my vision as well:  

The lesson I gain from these two things is this:  We need to start taking care of each other.  We need to start loving each other.  We need to change the mindset of anger and hatred.  We need to figure out how to do that, and if we can do that, then the system will change.

All of the poor and disenfranchised need to feel better about things.  Trump isn't going to do that - but maybe the fact of Trump will motivate people for real, positive change. THAT I cannot control.  Neither can you.  What I can control is my mindset.

First off - and this sounds ridiculous, but it's not at all.  Pray for Trump.  Pray hard.  Pray that he gets influence from above to do the right things for everyone.  Pray that his focus on himself switches to actual concern for people who are in hard times.  Pray that the people he chooses as his advisors do positive things for the good of all.

Second - be active.  Do SOMETHING.  Support what you want to see in the world.  Send money to the causes that you view as important.  I personally contribute monthly to the Suzuki Foundation and  But the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, and any number of other wonderful charities exist out there.  Put even a small amount of your money into a good cause to help other people.  

Suggestions welcome, but for any of you out there who are feeling helpless, I recommend getting involved in some fashion by volunteering in your community.  Share love.  Accept people who aren't like you.  There are hundreds and thousands of places that need help.  Local hospitals, animal shelters, libraries, food banks - get out there.  Meet other people.  Help the hopeless.  If each of us did just a little of this, it would make a difference.

But most importantly, set aside the anger.  Set aside the hate.  Choose to send positive energy into the world, not negative.  

I'm going to try.  I'm not perfect, and it is really easy to take the low road.  But I'm going to try to take the high road this time.  For the sake of my soul - for it shall whither under the oppression of hate.

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