Thursday, November 10, 2016

Tears ... finally!

It's November 10, 2016.  Two days after Donald Trump was elected president of the United States.  I can barely stand typing that.  I can't comprehend it.  I honestly didn't believe it could happen.  I felt in my bones that it wouldn't happen, but it did.

Tonight I cried.  I got fucking mad and then cried.  Two days it took for me to actually get over the shock and get to mad.  It started with two people on Facebook telling me to forget about it.  Telling me to let go and go for a walk.  I will, but not until I understand this a little bit better.  And I'm talking about understanding the psychology behind it all.  Then I was reading many women's posts - the ones who are in shock.  They've been crying for 2 days.  They feel it too - the fact that the history of the Women's Liberation Movement isn't yet finished like we thought it might be.

The reason I got mad was not because the American public voted this ass into office.  I got mad because I thought:  "If Hillary Clinton were a man and had acted and said exactly what HRC had, she would have been elected".  People would have seen Hill Clinton (the man) as a superior character with great preparation, ambition and a stellar political career.  I thought:  "If James Comey hadn't pulled that ludicrous stunt 11 days prior to the election, HRC would have been elected".  I thought:  "If the popular vote decided the election, Al Gore AND HRC would have been elected".  And I thought:  "Well, that's it for the American action on climate change ... we're fucked more now than we were a week ago".

I will give you this much - if he doesn't continue being the same person he showed himself to be during the election, we may have some hope.  But I don't think a skunk can change his stripe.  So the rest of this is based on what I understand his character to be.  Let's hope I'm really wrong.  Let's hope there's a human being under that orange facade.  If ever I wished to be wrong ... it's now.

Last night, a friend of mine stated that "at least he's pro life" - well, honey (I'm still her friend, I generally don't ditch my friends over a difference of political opinion), if he is in charge of that country, WAY more people are going to die in a lot of different ways.  The odd abortion is going to look like peanuts in a field full of corpses (going too far?  I might not be).  He's going to be WAY more of a war monger - given his wanting to increase the military so much - and that means lots of people are going to die.  Environmental emergencies will be more frequent than they would have been had America continued acting on climate change and more people will die.  And not just in the US.  Hillary wasn't pro-abortion - she was pro-choice.  Wanted women to be able to control their reproductive system as they and their doctor and their God chose fit.  If you don't like abortions, don't have one.  But don't cause a woman to give birth to an unwanted child just because you don't like the thought of ending that life long before it has begun.

I am mad because I thought as a society that we were getting over the whole sexist thing.  And it is now terribly, blatantly obvious to me that it is alive and well and still controlling our society.  Some people who are sexist don't even realize it.  They just don't like HRC.  Well, I'll tell you (general American public) - most of you feel that way because she just doesn't fit the idea in your head that you have of how a woman should behave, look, speak.  Turn this around.  Imagine Hillary Clinton being caught saying sexist, abusive comments about men.  She would have been crucified.  Trump paraded all of Bill Clinton's abusers out before a debate - but 12 (TWELVE) women came forward to explain how Trump had treated them and he called them liars.  And people BELIEVED HIM - both about Clinton's women AND his own.  WTF???

I'm really mad because my son is tied up in knots.  He asked if Donald Trump was going to use nuclear weapons - he is truly frightened that this is going to be catastrophic.  I don't think it is, but it kills me that he feels that way.  I'm not one to shelter my son from the news - but right now I wish I had.

I understand wanting change.  But choose a change agent who actually has scruples, morals, a good education and an understanding of how the world works - when one is available and a viable candidate (no, Bernie wouldn't have won - he leans far too close to the Socialist end of the spectrum - but I'd love to have him as a leader - maybe in a couple of decades a Bernie will be viable).  Don't choose a guy who is simply going to be used as a tool for the worst people the Republicans can put forward.  Guilianni?  Christie?  That Alt-right newspaper guy?  You (the people who voted for him) think these people are going to bring change and root for the poor, the working class.  You drank the orange Kool Aid, kids.

I've never seen a group of people buy such lies before.  I'm sure there are historic examples, but in my lifetime, this is the worst.  He's lied about everything.  And people bought it.  Which takes me to the education system.  It has failed.  It would appear that a large number of people can no longer distinguish between the truth and a lie - even though we have more information at our fingertips than anyone else in history.  They can't tell between reality TV and reality.

A change is coming - but it's not the one you wanted.  And it certainly isn't going to be for the good of the many.

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