Monday, August 21, 2017

Racism from the point of view of White Privilege

Tina Fey did a brilliant piece on Summer Weekend Update this week.  You can find it here:

It was funny.  It was pointed.  It was brilliant satire.  And, of course, people are mad about it.

At the very end, she suggests ignoring racists.  Don't show up to protests.  And she is wrong, of course.  But it doesn't take away from the brilliance of what she was saying and the way she connected with my demographic:  the privileged, liberal White woman.

I feel helpless.  I feel hopeless.  Being Canadian, I have absolutely NO control over what happens in the United States.  I have no vote, I have no input.  But I am affected, because our white supremacists get a boost from yours, and our right-wing extremists, feed off of yours.  What happens in the United States ends up happening here.  We have our Obama right now.  I hope to hell we don't get a Trump.

I've seen a couple of things this week that bothered me.  The complaints about Tina Fey, and THIS article in Harper's Bazaar where a black woman tells all of us privileged whites how we have no clue and should just basically shut the fuck up (or perhaps she can educate us all):

This woman is taking the well-meaning tweets of famous people using their powerful voices to say that this is not the kind of America they want to live in, to say that they don't have the right to want to help because of the situations they were either born into or that they fought their way to gain.

Let's face it, she criticizes Ellen DeGeneres - a woman who is VERY aware of prejudice.  Who understands how a career can be threatened by being born a certain way (gay) and having no control over that - and having to hide from society because of it.

All of this hate and anger (including the anger that has arisen in me) is not going to help anyone.  If people of colour (or LGBTQ, or First Nations or any other minority - including women in general) don't accept the well-meaning support of people not in their social group, they are perpetuating intolerance, too.  If someone is trying to help you, accept it.  If they don't understand things the way you do, explain it to them.  Don't shove racism back in their face.  That won't help.  Don't be mad because of the life someone else has.  Make yours better - fight hard to get it.  That's life.  And please understand that some of us who now really do appreciate the privilege they live in, did not necessarily grow up that way - and might understand more than you think they do.

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