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The Greatest Showman - my moment with Queen

A couple of weeks ago, I was looking through a box in our basement and came across a manilla envelope just stuffed with papers.  It was every bit of paper I collected on a trip to Europe.  In it were bus tickets, bank receipts, maps, information sheets, etc.  But, wedged in between some of the papers was one 3 x 4.5" in size with black text and a pink watermark.  It was a ticket stub from the very last Queen concert ever.  I was in York in August, 1986, staying with the Johnsons – a couple my family had met at a campground in Canada.  They are a lovely couple and we are still in touch, 30 years later.  I stayed with them for 2 weeks - a visit that now seems like it must have been interminable for them - two weeks with a 17-year-old.  But they seemed to enjoy it. It was a lazy Saturday, August 2, the day after I arrived in York, when we went shopping and took a tour of their city. I can’t quite remember the details but while we were in town, David, a huge Queen fan, bough