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Recently, Noel, Daniel and I went on a trip.  It was during this trip that I recognized a tragic generation gap and the short-sightedness of an uneducated (on environmental issues) population (or is it an uncaring population?  I'd prefer to think of it as uneducated).  (My apologies to the people who made the statements herein - I'm using this example to try and make a point, not to berate you). At a dinner, where there were several people (not to be named, because I don't want anyone to be pissed off or embarrassed), let's just say that at least one older member was justifying the use of disposable water bottles.  Granted, the available tap water is not drinkable - smells like sulphur - so there is a need for an alternative.  "I do have a water cooler with larger, refillable bottles, but you're not supposed to refill the small plastic ones because they let off chemicals" ... at which point I called bullshit. If you aren't supposed to re-use a plast

Canadian Politics ... Yikes

I really don't often use my blog to directly express my political opinions.  Like religion, politics tend to be very personal, and I don't enjoy being preached to, so I don't like to preach.  But, we're in the middle of yet another Canadian election, so, really, a lot of what I've been reading on line and seeing on T.V. has to do with the election.  And it makes me sad to think that Harper is going to continue being our prime minister.  I just really hope we can prevent a majority.  I know I can't help with my vote from this Conservative stronghold in which I live, so I might as well express my opinions.  This isn't preaching, by the way, except that I might preach to anyone who isn't going to head to the poles.  We really need to vote.  Even if we do keep having an election every couple of years.  It doesn't become less important. Harper is reminding me more and more of George Bush - evalgelical Christian, economy-focused, and, well, basically a l


Hello!  It's been a while since I last posted.  I suppose the best excuse I can give for this is that I've been trying to reduce all forms of stress in my life ... and the computer tends to be one.  So I've not been checking Facebook every half hour (trying for only a couple of times a day) or thinking about things to blog.  I was on my medication for 2 weeks which really helped get my moods in order (but really screwed up my sleep).  The sun is finally shining here now and I've spent as much time in it as I could.  The snow is melting, I've caught up with work and housework, and I am feeling much better.  I did catch a cold last week, but that's kind of to be expected ... after all, I was run down (but didn't know it). So the thing is this ... I need balance.  Eveything seemed like such a trial a month ago.  Even getting the dishes or laundry done was a chore.  Now that my moods are better, nothing is really feeling like a chore - everything is much mor