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Apollinaris Spring and their Rheinahr Glasfabrik

The Apollinaris Mineral Springs in Neuenahr, Germany, played a significant roll in bringing the Owen's automatic bottle blowing machine to Europe as they were the fist ones to license the machine in Europe (Biram 1958:21N). The Owen's machine was the first fully-automated bottle making machine ever patented, and it changed the future of bottles and bottling forever - allowing for large numbers of inexpensive glass bottles to be made. The Coca-Cola plant in Neuenahr stands in the same location as the old Apollinaris plant, and most of the buildings you see here no longer exist. The spring is still present on the edge of the Coca Cola campus, and one of the old buildings in the following photographs still stands across from the spring. Arched entrance to the Apollinaris spring, Neuenahr, Germany - the spring itself was behind this building. A fountain could be found behind the arched doorway. Apollinaris plant also showing the white arched entrance to the left Apollinaris plant w