Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Indoor garden experiment - December

I'm experimenting a little with growing food plants indoors. I started in the fall after a few tomato plants just started coming up on their own in August. So I brought them indoors.

I also brought my basil (which was tiny and about 3 inches tall) inside in pots. And see what they did:
Peas aren't doing too well - just not enough light, but they have produced a few (with help from a paintbrush to pollinate):

Here are some of the tomatoes (which also need pollination help):

And, for Marie, here is one of the garlic bulbils that I planted. I planted 15 of them, and 2 are coming up. Not huge, but growing.

Not a HUGE success, but fun nonetheless, and I didn't have to watch perfectly good plants freeze. Wonder what I could do with a real greenhouse.

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