Sunday, December 19, 2010

Well, now, THAT makes sense.

Funny what you find out. The woman I had problems with at the library ... turns out she had run out of her medication the day she tore into me. It makes sense to think that two emotionally unstable people would, perhaps, react badly to each other (I'm only assuming she is taking drugs for an emotional issue). After that she took a few days off because she was "sick". I always forget to think that other people also have their own issues - I'm too busy trying to figure my own out, I guess, and am usually more than ready to take the responsibility for the conflict on myself.

This same situation has happened to me in the past. When I was quite young (17-18), I worked at a museum and the woman who was in charge of us was a little volatile at times. Well, one day she tore a strip off of me. Turns out that she had missed her medication as well and took it out on me.

In the earlier instance, I don't remember the woman apologizing to me personally, and it certainly didn't happen this most recent time - they explained it to their bosses instead. I wish people would take more responsibility than that. I usually tell people if I'm off - just so they KNOW it's me and not them. But, that's just my way of doing things. I don't mind people knowing. I think it helps explain things. Perhaps neither of these women are in a position where they are capable to admitting the issue to others.

I need to remember that if I'm perceiving someone as being mad or crabby or anything else, it isn't necessarily my fault - it probably isn't about me at all. Everyone has their own issues that cause these moods - and I'm not usually a big part of those issues. But boy do I feel like I am.

So, next time someone is a huge bitch to you, take into consideration that there could be some major issues coming to the surface for them and you're just the person who got to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (especially if it's ME who's being a bitch!). Perhaps they had a bad day, or maybe they aren't managing their moods very well. But odds are it really isn't about you.

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