Friday, January 21, 2011

Fresh Tomatoes in Winter

As I write, I am eating the first ripe tomato from one of my indoor plants.  It's small, and the skin is rather tough, but it is VERY flavourful.

The romas are small, too, but I suspect they will taste great in a salad. 

I'm really not sure that it is worth the work (which hasn't been much other than watering), but now I know it can be done.  And they sure do beat bringing tasteless tomatoes home in a plastic bag!

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  1. That's awesome! I love tomatoes, but you're right; the ones brought home in plastic bags from the grocery store at $1.99+/pound are tasteless compared to the tomatoes we grew up with! Now... if only I had more room in the house. As it is, we barely have room for the houseplants we do have... If the mud room were insulated properly, it would definitely have enough light, but it's so cold in there that I'm amazed my plants in there survive the winters (I think they hibernate...)



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