Monday, January 24, 2011

Garbage Bag

I saw a company called TerraCycle on TV a while ago - probably a year ago.  And after seeing them, I was inspired to save some of our garbage and make something out of it.  I saved chip bags for a year, didn't clean them all, and ended up throwing a bunch in the garbage.  But the past couple of months I've been saving them again, and today I had enough to try this out:

Reuse, people!!

P.S. - the tote is working well weeks later.  The upper corners would do well to have a little reinforcement maybe with a little fabric when they are made.  But other than that it's rather strong!

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  1. nice, ive done something similar. fused one-time use plastic bags together and sewn them to the size i like. its been months since ive worked on that. life gets in the way


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