Monday, January 10, 2011


When I was a kid I spent hours checking outside the living room window just waiting for that first snowflake every year.  I was so excited to see it and so happy when it came.  Winters were snowy in the 70s in the Okanagan.  They were cold and did we have snow!  (This photo of the house I grew up in is from 1971 - love the turqoise house, eh?  And those poor eavestroughs - but did we have GREAT icicles to play with)

So, I'm kind-of sad that this blizzard we just had has turned from an exciting, beautiful experience to one a little less positive.  Let's face it, it's still beautiful.  There is something rather exciting about seeing the snow dripping off the roofs - maybe it's because you know you're not going anywhere and can hibernate.  Some of life's obligations are automatically removed - you can't do anything about it, so you might as well give into it and enjoy the time off.  It's a snow day after all.  But, of course, with adulthood come the adult responsibility of clearing the snow and getting around in it.  And that is never fun.

Everyone will have their own story after this past weekend.  For those of you who haven't heard, the Canadian Prairies got hit with a rather major snowstorm this past weekend.  Here in Central Alberta, the numbers vary anywhere from 18.5cm to 28cm between Friday night and Sunday (20cm is 8 inches).  And the wind was blowing, so it was a blizzard.  I'm just glad we decided not to go to Calgary like we planned.  Sorry Erin, really want to see your new place, but this weekend wasn't a good one.

However, our other friend Erin came up here from Calgary on Friday and then had to drive back down yesterday.  She made it, but sounds like it wasn't a lot of fun.  Erin, by the way, has her own blog that you artsy types out there should check out here.

It was fine for us until this morning.  Over the weekend we just stayed close to home.  Noel did walk to the grocery store, but we're lucky because it's just around the corner.  But this morning I had to get Daniel to school.  The car was useless.  It wouldn't move forward or back even a couple of inches.  So, in -18C weather (thankfully, little wind), Daniel and I trudged the 12 or so blocks to school.  It would have been better if I wasn't fighting off a cold.  But that's okay, it was good to get exercise.  Daniel's face was VERY red when we got there.  I felt bad for him - but he was a trooper after slogging through some drifts.  When we arrived, I think there were 6 kids in his classroom - obviously other people aren't dug out yet - or chose to stay home like sensible people.  (let me just say this - if you haven't shovelled your sidewalk yet, and you aren't over 70 years old, you're an asshole!)

When I got home, I remembered another thing that I hate about the cold.  Remember when you were a kid and tobogganing for far too long?  When you got inside your legs would start to itch?  Well my thighs were cold as ice and then started itching like crazy.  And now, for the past hour or so, they have been hot to the touch.  Serves me right for going out in -18C weather with just jeans on my legs.  Hello stretch pants under the jeans when I go to pick him up.  I really do need snow pants!

Wish us luck getting the car moving again.  At least it started.  That's one hurdle down. 

Why DO we live here???  Mind you ... this winter there isn't any place that hasn't had weather issues, is there?  At least the snow is beautiful. 

And just a reminder to people to be careful out there.  People die in weather like this - driving, walking - it can happen.  And just last week, a father from our school slipped and broke his ankle in two places. 

Have fun digging out!!


  1. What a great post. I love the picture of your old house. Was it really ever that color? Too cute!


  2. Poor Daniel! One thing I miss about teaching in Wetaskiwin are the snow days! We don't ever get snow days in Calgary.

    Thanks for the shout out!!!

  3. Car started and is in the garage. Supposedly more snow on the way for Thursday (another 5 to 10 cm) so your posting might need Part II.

    And yes, when we get into MEC we'll get you some snow pants.



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