Thursday, January 6, 2011

Starting a New Blog

I'm starting a new blog.  Clearing my house - and my head is a temporary, project-driven blog designed to help me stay motivated to clear the crap out of my house.  I'm tired of living with all the stuff we have, and I'm going to purge - and share while I do it. 

I'll also likely use that forum to discuss environmental issues, because I see the two as being related - all part of the quantum shift in attitude that has been happening with me over the years. 

So, please feel free to join me there for my adventure. 

I'm keeping this blog for the spiritual stuff and for current events and such.  And this blog will stay going after the other one is finished (at least, that's the plan). 


  1. Cool! I need to do the same thing, get rid of the "crap". Years ago I used as inspiration and motivation, and it really worked well!

    Have fun flinging the clutter!


  2. Perfect timing...for me, anyway! I've got similar plans - lighten up on all the "stuff" that's stuffed into my house, work on eating healthier and cleaner, and keep a positive focus/negative thoughts at bay. So thanks for doing your new blog - it'll help me too! Now if only you could come clean out my house....

  3. That sounds really interesting! Looking forward to following. :)


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