Monday, January 10, 2011

Where there is love, there is truth. Where there is truth, there is love.

It never fails to amaze me that when people truly follow their soul (their bliss, their truth), the product is truth and love (and beauty, which is a combination of them both).  Some people do this through their work, some through their art.  When they are truly blessed, their work is their art. 

The truly moving music, movies, books, artworks - the really GOOD ones - are the ones that tell the truth.  That express the reality of life.  The things that make us see ourselves as we really are.  Those are the truth-inspiring works. 

The husband of an acquaintence of mine is a fantastic photographer.  And when I say fantastic, I mean ... world class fantastic.  His name is Paul Nicklen and he is a photographer for National Geographic.  He has a webpage you should look at and has published a couple of books.  Please take a look and keep watching this amazing man. 

Anyhow, yesterday on his facebook page, he posted the following:

"We received the ... following message from US Congressman Jay Inslee: "Both your images and your words reenergized me as we prepare to return to Washington D.C. for the new congress. For sometime I have been one of the leaders there in our efforts to give the cold water critters a chance at survival by ...building a new clean energy economy that can hope to preserve the arctic ice. Our Sustainable Energy and Environment Caucus (SEEC) has fought many battles to that end. The recent elections have made that an even more challenging task, so it was a shot in the arm to see your work and again be reminded of of the evolutionary stakes involved." Thank you, Congressman Inslee. We are grateful for your insight and perseverance on these important issues."

My comment on this posting was this:  Amazing how one person's work can influence just the right people at the right time to help make a difference. Your work is art - but it is also a powerful tool to do good. Well done, Paul. Keep it up.

This was what made me think about this topic.  It's the people who listen to the universe and act upon it that really influence us.  They influence us because we can see the truth in what they produce.  We are drawn to that, and the love we get from it helps us be better people.  Art is art - but it is so much more. 

Another person who comes to mind is Chris Jordan - an artist and photographer who travelled to Midway Atoll to see and photograph the baby albatrosses who die in huge numbers because their parents feed them the plastic garbage that is in the ocean surrounding this remote island.  He has influenced so many people to point out the issue of plastic pollution and what we are doing to our planet.

Here are two artists who are following their hearts and changing the world.  But you don't have to change the world in bold, obvious ways.  Simply by following your intuition, you can live your best life and influence the people around you.  Just do what you know is right and follow your heart.  It truly is worth it. 

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