Thursday, February 24, 2011

Phones and batteries

We bought a set of Panasonic phones from Costco after we moved to Wetaskiwin - about 4 years ago, maybe 4.5.  The thing I HATE about cordless phones is that it is generally more expensive to replace the batteries than it is to buy new phones.  So when phone #1 (of 3) stopped keeping a charge, I put it away without even looking at the battery.  Then the other day I noticed that phone #2 wasn't holding a charge.  With only one phone left, I thought maybe I should look into the cost of batteries.

Imagine my surprise when I opened up the back and saw two rechargeable AAA batteries.  No "special" battery needed.  The batteries are Ni-MH batteries and were replaceable (2 sets) for $15 at Wal Mart (we live in a small town, the only place to buy anything tends to be Wal Mart - I wouldn't shop there if I had other, close options). 

So I don't have to throw the phones into the landfill and buy new ones.  Yay!!  Charged up phone #1 and it is working!  I'm so very happy that the Panasonic corporation went to AAA batteries and not the ones that cost $30 each.

Of course, you can't use anything other than an Ni-MH battery.  Nickle Cadmium won't work in the same charger.

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