Friday, March 18, 2011

More stuff about plastics

I just read an editorial piece talking about plastics.  I'd ask you to read it, but if you're too busy, here's the long and the short of it.  Plastic isn't evil.  It's necessary and good in many situations.  Just not as a throwaway material.

My comment ... DUH!!  Most of the people I have read are really against single-use plastics.  Plastic bags, pop cup lids, straws, lighters, utensils, etc.  I've read of NO ONE who complains about their plastic keyboard or monitor (and although I'd like to see CDs and DVDs in paper sleeves, I do buy movies and occasionally music - thanks Great Big Seas for putting out your last two CDs in cardboard sleeves).  We need re-think plastic as not being disposable because it is too valuable to be - and this is the point that author is trying to make.

As far as grocery store bags are concerned, the alternative to plastic is not paper - it is cloth (although in a pinch I'd rather take paper).  Reusable bags are what we should all be using.  There are lots of great ones out there you can fold up and easily put in a purse, and for the bigger grocery store trips, keep some in the trunk. 

Today I took Daniel to Booster Juice and took our re-usable cup from there along with a glass straw.  It was easy.  Just a little pre-planning and memory work and there you go.

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