Monday, June 13, 2011

Car Emissions and Design

I spent 4 hours on Saturday morning manning the "East Gate" at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum.  It was their annual History Road special event, and the staff, volunteers and registered cars all come through the East Gate.  What I realized as I was directing all the drivers to the check in was that car emissions really have improved over the years.  It was amazing how much the older cars smelled.  And I was thankful that the energy crisis of the 1970s had at least helped significantly with emissions and gas mileage.  Even if we didn't keep up with some of the good work that started then, at least we took that forward.

There is something to be said as well with the aesthetic of older cars.  There really was an art to the design of cars (and there still is, really), and it is evident when many are together in one place:

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