Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Glass Canning Jar Lids

OMG!!!  I didn't know anyone made these anymore.  Being a historical archaeologist, I've found lots of bits and pieces of these glass "liners", but I did not know that they were still in production anywhere.  And here they are made in the US (and they'll ship to Canada).

Regular Mouth Lids & Rubber Rings - 3 dozen/package


As soon as I have some extra cash (okay, as soon as I can justify spending extra cash after the extra money I just spent on caning materials for a chair that I'm going to re-do and will blog about) I am going to get me some of these.  Oh - caning and canning.  Tee Hee

Anyone interested in a bulk order??

P.S. - please note that I've discovered that these are not glass jar lids, they are BPA-free plastic - please see http://sandiratch.blogspot.com/2011/06/canning-lids-plastic.html

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