Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just Energy

So this afternoon I had some guy from "Just Energy" come to the door and demand to see my energy bill "to make sure I am being charged the correct amount".  He actually said that he needed to see my bill and I'm not positive, but I think he said that he was contracted by the government to do so.  My basic answer to him was that I wasn't going to show my bill to him and that the bill was between me and my energy company and no one else's business.

He was very persistent saying they'd been to our house 3 months ago to check and that we'd done it then.  Which was complete crap.  I'm here all the time.  They've never been to our door and they've certainly never seen our energy bill.

He also tried to talk to me about Greenpeace - after he saw the sign in our window saying not to use plastics.  He was very persistent.  And he was perspiring.

Anyhow, after I closed the door in his face (which I normally don't do, but in this case it had been a good couple of minutes of me saying no), I looked up Just Energy.  And, sure enough, they are somewhat of a scam.  I'm sure they are an actual company, but they are trying to sell you gas at a set price - so that you aren't screwed when the prices go up - at least that's their line.  I know someone who bought energy from a company like this and when the prices were 5.5 (cents per whatever), she was paying over 11.

Anyhow - take a look at these: 



My advice is this:  Don't trust anyone coming to your front door with "do I have a deal for you".  They may well have a deal, but I'll bet a lot of money that it's not going to benefit you.

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