Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lessons from a robin

I saw a robin yesterday.  It was standing on a lawn with a worm in it's beak and suddenly it hit me:


The robin doesn't take more than it needs.  It doesn't take all the worms in the garden, only the ones it needs to survive and to feed its babes.  It leaves most of them there to help the garden grow, for other birds to eat, for the ants to carry away when they are dead.  It doesn't take all the grass for it's nest - it only takes what it needs to build a nest big enough for it's eggs.  It leaves most of the grass there to grow and protect the soil, to create it's own little environment.

If we all lived that way, the world would be in better shape.  Don't you think?  If we all used just what we needed, a great weight would be lifted off of the Earth's shoulders.  Few of us (myself included) are willing or able to live that way.  But perhaps ... if we just did little things here and there, small actions would combine to make a difference.

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