Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Remay cloth and onions

Well, it came time.  Yesterday I took the Reemay cloth off of the onions.  As you can see in this picture (taken June 6), the onions were getting tall, yet crumpled, and they need a chance to straighted up:

Only problem is that the weeds love growing under the stuff:

Yikes!  Yes, there are onions in there, although you can't really see them through all the chickweed.  A couple hours of weeding, though, and it will all be taken care of.  Gives me a good excuse to get reacquainted with my garden after several days of rain!


  1. Rain? What's that?! Your garden is looking good!

  2. hi, I know this is months too late--but chickweed is incredibly nutritious--good in salads, pesto, all sorts of good greens!

    I was searching Remay--look forward to reading more about your experiences!


  3. Sandi here (for some reason I can't comment on my own blog unless I'm anonymous): Yes, I put chickweed in smoothies. But not THAT much of it! :)


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