Sunday, June 5, 2011

Unexpected Gifts

Aren't the best gifts the ones you don't expect?

I got a great present this evening from our good friends the Quinns.  They came over for supper after spending the weekend in Calgary with their daughters.  When they arrived, I was handed a package wrapped in tissue paper.  "This is for you".  "What?  Why?"  It wasn't my birthday, there was no occasion.  Just something they found and thought I'd appreciate.  It's meant to go with my egg basket:

It's a GORGEOUS ceramic egg carton that now has a home in the refrigerator. 

A couple of months ago I got another unexpected gift from a friend of mine in choir.  I had helped a tiny bit in helping her design a logo for her business and quite a while afterward she handed me a bag and said:  "I've been looking and looking for something suitable.  I know you don't like plastic or lots of packaging".  She bought me a "Thoughtful Gardener" set of shears. They were packaged only in cardboard.  The thoughfulness that went into this particular gift touched me deeply - thanks, Paula:

And, lastly, I have to mention a grand gift that my friend Linda gave me a couple of years ago.  She was moving into a much smaller house than she had been living in.  This piece had been in storage in her basement and there just really wasn't room for it in the new place.  None of her family wanted it, and she knew I'd love it.  So she gave it to me:

It is a treasured piece of furniture and I love it. 

Also please note the sewing machine in the bottom right hand corner of the photo - given to me by my friend Dennis.  It is fantastic and I use it often.  Who knew I could do button holes and zippers??

None of these gifts were expected.  All of them are beautiful and practical and will be used a lot!  What fantastic gifts.

And what do all these fantastic gifts tell me??  That I have fantastic friends.  And I love them all!

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