Sunday, July 10, 2011

The final leg of the journey

I'm skipping ahead here - going to tell you about Saturday ... the last day of my road trip, instead of going into all the detail of the other days.  It was a bitter sweet day.

I woke up relatively early, got packed, grabbed a bite to eat and said goodbye to my boy.  He was still sleeping, and apparently continued on for another 3 hours after I left.  But when I woke him up he said "see ya, Mommy.  I love you.  I'll miss you".  And the night before, when he and I went swimming, just the two of us, at the pool, he told me how much he had enjoyed our few days together - "just the two of us".  Now, tell me, what else could a mother ask for?  I love that kid. 

Anyhow, the last day was magical in some ways and tragic in others.  As I drove, I saw an amazing array of wildlife.  A wild turkey, numerous gophers and hawks.  And then, when I stopped for gas in Radium, B.C., here was my view:

Look at the scar on the back of the one closest to the camera!

I drove down the road a ways and saw another beautiful creature, but I'm saving him for last.  A little further down the road there was a deer (sorry, don't stop to take pictures of deer).  And then, when I visited a friend of mine in Canmore, this little guy was on her front walk:

But the most amazing creature I saw on the road was the one just up the road from Radium.  And here he is - saving the best for last.  He wasn't very big - maybe a year or two old.  But, boy was I glad to be in the car!

Isn't he grand? (yes, he's a grizzly bear)

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