Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sandi and Daniel's Big Adventure 2011 - part 1

Daniel and I are on a road trip.  Originally it started as a trip to Armstrong to participate in my mother's 70th birthday party, but then it grew.  So, starting on Saturday morning, we left home on our week-long grand adventure.

We left a little before 8 on Saturday morning and headed to Calgary.  First stop ... the zoo!

After about 4 1/2 hours, that was enough - especially considering that it was hot and we Canadians are very fragile at this time of the year.  So then we headed to our friend Laura's house.  Laura writes a great blog for anyone who likes 1950s houses or is doing renovations of any sort http://midcenturymoderncalgary.blogspot.com/

Early Sunday, Daniel and I piled into the car again and headed west toward Kamloops.  I think Daniel and I must have stopped at every toilet between the two cities.  We also stopped for groceries, gas, lunch and The Enchanted Forest!

I'm working on my Mom's computer, and aparently only one photograph is possible this time, so I'll add more pictures later.  Anyhow, the Enchanted Forest was lovely as usual.  Daniel spent much of the time taking pictures with my camera.  When we went into the gift shop, Daniel saw a disposable camera for sale for $13 and decided that he wanted his very own camera.  He had $15 left of his spending money and thought this would be a great way to spend it.  However, when I explained that the camera was not digital but film ("What's film, Mom?"), and told him that it would only take 27 pictures and would then have to be thrown out, he decided it wasn't a good idea.  So I promised to buy him his very own camera as soon as I could.  Which would end up being the next day. 

We spent over an hour at the Enchanted Forest, making us later to get to Kamloops than I had wanted.  So back into the car and get going!  A couple of phone calls and a nosebleed later, we got to my friend Karl's ranch aroud 5:45.  It was absolutely wonderful to see Karl.  I hadn't seen him in 3 years and wasn't sure if he really wanted to see me, but we instantly started talking about everything and didn't stop until 1 am!!  There's nothing better than getting together with a true friend and picking up the conversation where you left off years before.  And even though we hadn't been in touch very much, our lives had followed fairly parallel lines - both philosophically and physically - he's very much gotten into gardening and composting and such as well.  And they have their recycling bins in the kitchen, too!  It was great.  Great hospitality, great conversation, and a chance to get to know his new partner - who is a lovely, down to earth person.

Will follow up with another post when I get to a computer again.

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