Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sandi and Daniel's Big Adventure - part four

So, yes, Daniel and I did spend a couple of hours at Paddlewheel Park (on Okanagan Lake).  It was lovely and warm and we had a lot of fun.  He and I played, and then when I gave up he found some kids to play with:

That's Daniel on the right

After the beach, we drove to Kelowna and went to the Volcanic Hills winery to pick up wine for my husband and his friend.  Apparently it's very good wine if you get a chance to try any of their stuff.  The very young man who is the front end face of the place is incredibly knowledgable for his age.  And very passionate about wine.  It's great to see someone doind what they are supposed to be doing.

Anyhow, after the winery, there was a stop at Booster Juice for the little man, and then off to the Okanagan Lavender Herb Farm.  Daniel and I took a tour of the garden - which was great except that it was 34C and neither of us is used to that heat these days.

It felt like we were in Provence!

While there, Daniel tried some hand shadows.  It wasn't until last night that someone pointed out the cat that was chasing Daniel's bird!

The last stop of the day (Wednesday) was with an old high school friend.  It is always great to visit with old friends - and we had a lovely dinner and talk.  Daniel went off and played with her kids and the neighbours, and again I didn't see him except for meals.  It was a lovely visit.  Thanks old friends!

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