Sunday, July 31, 2011

Toilet Paper

I was at the local grocery store yesterday with a limited amount of cash in hand and a need to buy three items.  One of those was toilet paper.

On the "end of the aisle" shelf, the store brand t.p. was on sale for $4.97 ($2 off regular price).  24 rolls, 140 sheets per roll.  But not recycled, not at all environmentally friendly. 

In the regular aisle, the recycled (100% post-consumer fibre type) was $9.99.  Twice as much for recycled paper.  I just had enough money if I got the smaller block of cheddar.  But I just couldn't justify (yesterday - some days I can) buying the non-recyled paper.  So I sucked it up and picked up the recycled stuff.

And then, as I walked past the "regular", on sale t.p., I took a closer look.  And there it was.  The stuff on sale had 140 sheets per roll.  The recycled had 280!  They were the same price (and the sheets are the same size).  Okay, the regular t.p. is probably fluffier and softer, but it will also clog our old pipes, and won't work any better than the recycled stuff. 

So it worked out okay.  I got to feel good about the amount I was spending as well as my efforts for the environment.  I really like it when that happens - because generally it doesn't. 

Now if only they would stop wrapping toilet paper in plastic, then I'd be really happy.

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